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This is a project developed with an advisors team with studies in agronomic engineering, industrial engineering, environmental engineering, industrial design, animal husbandry, and others specialties. The objective is to strengthen the knowledge in agrarian techniques, integrated management and post-harvest by tillers of cannabis rural communities through educational tools seek to allow Exchange of knowledge and cultures, to improve the quality characteristics of the finished product transition from producer to legality.


Formation of small growers in processing methods, medicinal uses, legal, and social impacts of farming, fostering associativity guild and future research on other native plant species of the biogeographic pacific.


Developing training strategies for young people at risk of psychoactive substances, focusing on harm reduction, prevention of abuse, using educational tools which foster informed of the consequences of addictive behavior approach.


Municipality of Yumbo, Valle del Cauca
San Marcos District, Miravalle norte area
Country: Colombia