Being a farm that has remained idle and has an area for native forest protection, it has the spectacular feature an ecosystem service and serves as a biological corridor for birds and wildlife. That is why the importance of developing an organic silvicultural proposal to establish a harmonious relationship between human beings and nature.



With the objective of restoring the conditions of the slopes of the terrain, to enhance soil fertility and decrease the degree of erosion we have a management plan and recovery of soils based on techniques such as:



The farm has its own water spring. Also, the property has three storage tanks; 2 own and one of the top in the neighboring property, each one with 60m3 of storage capacity.

Planning of live barriers
Quilts of organic matter
Application of microorganisms



It is proposed to carry out  agricultural management of all the production phases, based on the foundations of organic agriculture and the use of BPA (Good agricultural practices). Also, make variations in the elements and quantities to be used in each production phase

Has. Agricultura use
Has. Forest reserve
Has. Uncultivable area


Municipality of Yumbo, Valle del Cauca
San Marcos District, Miravalle norte area
Country: Colombia